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Jersey Framing

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Jersey Framing

Sports Jersey Framing

At Magical Memorabilia custom Sports Jersey Framing is one of our specialities. Every single one of the jerseys we frame is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. The end result is a unique piece of sporting memorabilia you will be more than proud to hang in your home, man cave or pub.

We have been providing a professional sports jersey custom framing service across Australia for many years and have a reputation for not cutting corners – our valued customers include numerous happy sporting fans that return for custom jersey framing time and again.

Do you have a signed, one-of-a-kind sports jersey that is irreplaceable? Don’t put it in the cupboard where it may get damaged by insects or mould stained over the years – let us frame it for you so it can be put up for all to see.

Our custom made jersey frames will highlight, protect and preserve your sporting memorabilia, becoming a treasured piece of art that can be proudly displayed and then handed down for future generations.

The most popular sporting jerseys we have framed include AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, State of Origin and Soccer, although we have framed countless items from nearly any other sport you can think of – Formula 1, V8 racing, Melbourne Cup, motorcycle racing, hockey, motocross, cricket, MMA, boxing, golf, tennis, wresting, cycling, basketball, motocross and more!

Regardless of the sport or type of jersey our loyal customers trust us to create art out of their treasured memorabilia. Professional athletes and serious collectors all choose Magical Memorabilia to frame their collection because they know we take great pride in delivering the highest quality framing available.

Contact us at Magical Memorabilia today – we offer a complete bespoke jersey framing service no matter where you live in Australia. We can work with you (in person or remotely) to ensure that you receive the exact custom framing design to suit your sports jersey or other collectors memorabilia.

Let us take your jersey, couple it with our skilled framing abilities and you can expect amazing!

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